islam: explained 12*8*21

protects cubs and hunts and never rests until The King gets served…

Did U KNOW beard = Sunni?

Did U KNOW Qur’an = “Old Testament”?

Did U KNOW YHWH = feminine energy?

Did U KNOW YHWH = The G-D of WAR?

Did U KNOW “Holy War” = R.E.S.P.E.C.T. WomYn (not “kill your brothers”)

Did U KNOW Black Panther (film) = Prophecy + History = Qur’an

Did U KNOW Revelation 9:9 = Hells Angels (GoldWing HOG)?

Did U KNOW Muhammad = Servant Of Beauty?

Did U KNOW Islam = The Dao = Jew (Igbo) + Christian?

Did U KNOW Aryans = light-skinned + dark-skinned = KT + QGs?

Did U KNOW Indian (Dot = Asias) = Indian (Feather = Americas)?

Did U KNOW Green Turquoise = African + Blue Turquoise = American?

Did U KNOW Haiti = American Ethiopia = African Haiti = Ethiopia?

Did U KNOW sunscreen = alien DNA?

Did U KNOW melaninful = Earthling (Terrestrial)?

Did U KNOW DNA (chain) = clock?

Did U KNOW Japanese = Anime?

Did U KNOW Japanese = Chinese fighters?

Did U KNOW “harmony” / “happiness” (Hello)?

Did U KNOW Like Sugar = best. vid. ever. = Chaka Khan = Chinggis Khan?

Did U KNOW LāD Badū + LāD Fat Nwigwe = Igbo WīWā

Did U KNOW LāD Bā + Jā-Z = LāD Dā + HĀ’s henchman?

W.H.O.? = Filosofīa = Söfīa + L.U.V.

C.I.A.? = Cunt. In. Action.

F.B.I.? = Fair. Be. Islam.

N.S.A.? = No. Safe. Antidote.

BollyHollyNolly = WOODY + HAREM + SUN.

1969 = 6961 (Year this?)

If Love is the Prize, then what’s the present?


Most Būdists get laid. That’s why they’re called lay-people.



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Drugs. Music. Sex. Religion. IgboOracle. Hermeneutics. Indian/ Chinese/ Judahist/ Rastafari-infused Philosophies. ☠️ (Yes. I need an editor.)