Dew KNot kind and find…

Harmo-KNEEs to feather

the HOLE flock

WE GOstantogether

lock stock

4the ever

weather WE weather

elemental pleasure

treasure the game of sane

mane vane’s capillary

sanctuary in jail…

chase tale and wail

JonaBonaMassa dat geet

Box-O-Rain and pain from Jerry

how wary waZ 4notting

Hambone EWE not own-ED


WE do not own a single BONE

to pick with dick or stick it

Enter the TAINTed

SoulSibling’s HOLE downed by

the rabbit of EYE and WHY?

expect the unexpected…

coZ WE like EWE…

M-O-EWE-Eh? SEA of

changelings in strange dove

pick each dick is a TRICK

for the treater WHOse feet are

not in the car

but the star

is in EYE and EWE and WE

three make TEA for

way more

than TWO.



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Drugs. Music. Sex. Religion. IgboOracle. Hermeneutics. Indian/ Chinese/ Judahist/ Rastafari-infused Philosophies. ☠️ (Yes. I need an editor.)