Dear Shaggy… It…

Pilfered fm FBfriend…

Wasn’t my sit
U hey shun
By da masses
Who need classes
In boundless compassion
THAT only stops
When out of fashion
Jus like crops
Bring satisfaction
To mountain tops
BUT mining rations
Government passions

For seven stops
Of deadly sins
Where all begins
@ genesis 21:10
Hagar the first
Saraí da WORST
Second best again
As submission bursts
Into denegrations
Of generation song
Emancipate your shelves
Of food & drink
While artists think

of ways 2 tink
Er with your
One heart… Does
It beat? CoZ
Min do, CuZ
My soul siblings
Beat together drum
Like da one

Shaggy, Yo
Mi nuh Noah
But mi Noah
It wasn’t me
It’s society
We can free
Our minds be
Like honey hives
And Jackson fives
Dance together
like cartel vYbZ

Open your eyes
And your thighs
To embrace wise
Maslow’s surprise
That one love highs
Bring blue skies
Not government ties
To foreign lies
That veins need
2 satisfy greed
When pain subside
With one love seed
That ganja weed
Can only feed

heart that bleed
Red not blue
U can (LOVE, too)



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Drugs. Music. Sex. Religion. IgboOracle. Hermeneutics. Indian/ Chinese/ Judahist/ Rastafari-infused Philosophies. ☠️ (Yes. I need an editor.)