CONsent EYE 2 EWE…

why EYE possess less…

Did EWE film EYE 2 EYE

and try to tag the fag EYE

and bum and feats of teeth

and crowns to down the

glory of ancestors told

oH? EWE so bold as

many not few as

JOB 12:5 jive

backwards like SORA

SARAÌ throws the hoes into

the dew of the morning

when EWE screw the top

off the blockhead between

the weenie

(you meanie… to…?)

Tyrone is A LOVE WIRE

wants to LIVE WIRE and CON spire

at Saint’s Diego Clock

TIc TOc ya don’t stop

WHO Daddy?

BLO Kane



Time any clock

tik’s TOCA nows da

T not too many people like EWE ma

TH = DOG spelled back into da

psych ward for a tear

in SoulSibling and fear

is a CONstruct of despair


is nothing to find that’s divine…

it’s all the PRO-fanity’s

calamity proports ’93 was paid by the fee

WOMB = TOMB swelled like a BALLOON

(no mas).



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Drugs. Music. Sex. Religion. IgboOracle. Hermeneutics. Indian/ Chinese/ Judahist/ Rastafari-infused Philosophies. ☠️ (Yes. I need an editor.)